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Indian dance studio "Meenakshi"

~ This year- 2006 we complete 10 years of our studio Meenakshi in St.Petersburg, Russia. It was started in 1996 by Inna Sinha. Even before 1996 she had conducted dance classes in St.Petersburg. But on a more regular basis the studio took shape in 1996 and onwards.

~ Being married to an Indian, Inna perhaps is the only person in St.Petersburg to have lived in India for more than 2 decades. Naturally she absorbed the spirit of Indian culture. And her daughter Inesa is actively involved in the studio. So our studio has something like a blood relation with India!

~ We teach the basics of Bharat Natyam and those students who complete the basics can learn the classical items. On the other hand we love Indian folk dances too. So we choreograph and teach folk dances as well. Besides this some yoga asanas are often practiced for stretching the body and for relaxation. Advanced students who wish to perform get opportunities to participate in different concerts in the city.

~ Looking back at 10 years in St.Petersburg, makes us happy, proud and thoughtful too. It is great joy to see Russian students learning Indian art with deep interest. We felt proud when kids adopted Indian style and mannerisms expressed in dance. It is heart warming when they wore sarees and had flowers in the hair!

~Many people who come to us happen to be interesting, devoted and talented people. Some of them have become our good friends. Dance to us is more than just physical movement. It is the movement, energy of mind and soul. An expression of oneТs joy and sorrows. Dance creates beautiful and harmonious space for oneself and for others.It is a joy to be able to move in rhythm and music and we thank Almighty for this precious gift.

~ We have a long way to go in this art. Lot of work is to be done, new dances to be learnt and practiced. More people to be taught and new programs to be
organized. With NatarajaТs blessings and good wishes of our friends we hope to fulfill these dreams.

We wish our friends the everlasting joy of dancing!

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